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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Rancho do Dilino

We discovered a new restaurant in São João da Boa Vista in September, 2009. We liked it so much we have had lunch there four or five times since then.

We had taken a lot of photos while there on our first visit but unfortunately we lost all of them due to a computer problem. So we went back on Oct 23 and took a fresh batch of photos. That was a good excuse to have another great lunch.

Here is the Rancho do Dilino. It is open air, clean, very spacious and seats over 234 Dilino's has been open for about half a year and has developed a good sized clientele. You can either pay a flat rate and eat all you want or pay per kg.

The restaurant is located at 473 Av. Dona Gertudes in São João da Boa Vista.

There is a wide selection of foods and the menu varies daily. We have never been disappointed. It begins with a good sized salad bar.

This is followed by a wide variety of foods including Rice, Noodles and Pasta.

They are complimented with Beans, Chicken. Bean Cassarole and Chicken Cassarole.

For those who prefer, there are Vegetable Cassaroles and Beef Cassarole.

This particular day they had a large meatloaf.

There was a selection of French Fries, Fish, Pumpkin and Mashed Potatoes.

We filled our plates with our individual choices and sat down to enjoy a terrific meal.

After I ate I had a HUGE cup of Cafe Pacaembu. Notice how big the coffee cup is beside a Coca Cola can.

Seated at the next table was our friend Eliane and her family and friends. Eliane is a frequent customer of Dilinos.

Her family and friends, from right to left, Caique, Cris, Eliane, Delores, Carmrn and Neusa, all enjoyed the lunch as did we.

Following is a collection of photos of patrons and staff there for the lunch.

Here is Marcel preparing coffee at the Coffee Bar.

They have a good selection of beer to go with the meal.

Even as we were preparing to leave there were people waiting to be seated.

There was a selection of sweets to accompany the meal.

Marcel and Izaias bid us goodbye.

We will be back for lunch many times. It is a very pleasant atmosphere and the food is both delicious and economical.

Photos by Urso Branco

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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Café Expresso

The Café Espresso is a new version of an old Café in Águas da Prata. It is conveniently located on the main highway from São João da Boa Vista, across the road from the Águas da Prata water factory. It was originally located one block closer to Soã João da Boa Vista.

This new building is more than twice the size of the original. It is nice and clean open for business.

It just opened for business last month.

The owner proudly stands behind the counter ready to take your order.

There are several tables indoors now.

A young customer comes in looking for some refreshment.

Our family waits outside on the patio.

Inside, there is a special room with two tables.

They are tastefully and modestly decorated.

They have a new freezer and a new refrigerator for soft drinks.

Here is what they serve best, "Pão de Quejo"!

It is nice to see the new building finally completed and open for business.

Photos by Urso Branco

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Restaurante Monte Verde

When I first came to Brasil my wife and I went to a delightful mountain village called Monte Verde, close to São Paulo. Therefore we were happy to see this restaurant called "Monte Verde" in Poços de Caldas,

When we talked to the owner she said she named the restaurant Monte Verde because of the view of the green mountain. This restaurant is in central Poços de Caldas on Rua Minas Gerais, 381.

The entrance has this large red awning.

As you can see the restaurant is on the second floor.

These people were very smart. You don´t have to climb a long stairway. They built a long ramp to the second floor.

This ramp is easy for people to walk up, even seniors like me!

This is the view of the ramp looking down from the second floor.

Here is the view of the green mountain from the restaurant front window.

The restaurant is self-service.

There was a steady line of clientel while we were there for lunch.

The food changes from day to day. Today they had fine selection.

An Italian roll of beef, bacon and stuffed with vegetables.

Stroganoff, pasta, vegetables.

Fried Banana, rice

Tomatoes, parsnips.

Beets, farofa.

Potato salad, and lettuce.

Banana candy (dessert).

Here is our servings.

There is seating for approximately 60 people.

The chef, . . . . . and helper . . . .

The owner and her son.

We thoroughly enjoyed our second lunch at this lovely restaurant.

Photos by Urso Branco

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